"Hand Crafting Memories One Stitch At A Time"

Military Memories

We hold exceptionally high regard for the women and men who serve our country. What we create has started to take the United States like wildfire. Click here.

If your loved one gave the ultimate sacrifice, retired, or is on deployment, we can turn those fatigues into memories you can cuddle up to.

Memory Quilts

The original start of Lowcountry Creatives. Turning old T's and onesies into soft cuddly heirloom quilts made to stand the test of time and tell a story. Click here.

Each quilt made by me is built with only the finest industrial grade materials to stand the test of time. They are meant to be used, and the more they are used, the better they become like your favorite pair of jeans. If you would prefer to save money by having me use fabrics, thread, and other materials that can be had from any big box stores you will need to find another quilter.

Memory Pillows

Whether a memory pillow or outdoor address pillows, pillows are an excellent way for those on a budget or don't have enough material. Click here.

Our outdoor address pillows are meant to survive the harsh outdoor elements made with marine grade Sunbrella Fabric. Memory pillows are often made with the leftovers of a quilt or if you aren't sure what to do with a sweater.

Memory Bears

A tiny keepsake that can tag along with you or one of your littles. Great for the leftover scraps from a quilt, multiple sizes available. Click here.

Often times when making a memory quilt there is enough material to form a memory bear. Great for giving to others since we to waste nothing.

Sew And Whine

Always wanted to learn how to sew but don't know where to start? Want someone to whine to? This is a right spot...

We call it to sew and whine since we can complain about our day over a nice bottle of wine while getting the therapeutic benefits of sewing. Did I mention that there is wine? I offer beginner and intermediate classes.

Online Storefront

COMING SOON! We are had at work producing production items that will be readily available in our online store.

Coming Soon!

Weighted Blankets

Trying and explain how awesome they are is like trying to tell what it's like to have children to someone without kids. Click here.

Seriously they are amazing. Yes, they may seem expensive, but once you have slept with one, I have people tell me they would gladly pay double the price and didn't know how they ever lived without one.

Bluffton Made

Bluffton Made is a sister company owned by the wife and husband team that produces handcraft conversation pieces for your home. Click here.

A wife and Husband team, with Shawn as the artist & Curtis as the master carpenter, this is a side project getting ready to launch. Stay tuned as this will be a great addition to the ILBG Family.

If You Want To Have A Christmas Quilt In Time For Christmas, I Only Have Several More Slots Left.

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If you are ready to start your project just reach out and we'll talk budget and get your spot saved. We are first come first served unless you are willing to pay a rush fee. 

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"Shawn took my baby daughters onesies, and when she returned them a few months later, I cried at all the memories that came flooding back in this beautiful quilt."

Gail A.

"All I can say is wow! Her work is second to none and was worth the wait. I know why everyone recommends her now."

Mary T.

"The weighted blanket Shawn made for my husband who suffers from PTSD cannot be paid for with enough thank yous. It helps him fall asleep and brings him comfort when he has an episode. Thank you, Shawn"

Tara M.

"My three-year-old passing from sids was one of the worst days of my life. I wanted something so that I wouldn't break down crying every time I saw. Shawn took the time to not only help a complete stranger through a period of grief but helped me create memory quilt from all his onesies. Her approach made a complicated process easy, and I see why everyone recommends her."

Michelle R.

"I lost my husband to an IED. Shawn has a way with people to bring comfort through such a challenging time, and created memory bears for our three daughters and two sons as well as one large queen size and the rest were twin size. What she created was better than I could have ever imagined. I'm so glad I went with everyone's recommendation. I will be ordering from you again in the near future."

Sidney E.

About Us

Each item tells a story. Where the creation has been and what it has become. Every piece has been brought to life and is handcrafted, so each piece is unique. No item is perfect, and we like it that way, it shows love and that it was made by hand and not a machine. Now its story continues on and the next chapter is now for you to decide.


My Services

I offer an array of services ranging from heirloom quilts, memory pillows and much more. I only use the highest quality materials meant to last the test of time. I will be also adding personal projects for sale on my store. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Contact Us

Address: PO BOX 2689 Bluffton, SC 29910

Phone: (843) 631-3702

Email: info@lowcountrycreatives.com

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