Company Policy 

4-6 months. Each quilt is handmade with love and I'm usually booked a minimum of 3 months out. Your deposit pays for materials as well as my time picking them out is not refundable. By placing an order with us and paying via Check/Cash/ Or Pay Pal you agree to this.

Lowcountry Creatives stands behind all the products we offer that they will be free from manufacturer defects. That being said; defects do occasionally happen.

Because all orders we place for our clients are typically custom, i.e. contain text, artwork or logos on them including but not limited to embroidery, print, foil stamping, dye sub, screen-printing, laser engraving or any other type of manufacturing process, we do not offer refunds. We do offer replacements at no extra cost to the client only if the order comes in defectively at the discretion of Lowcountry Creatives and product manufacturer.

Typographical errors are the responsibility of the client which is why you must look at your proof carefully. Re-orders will be the exact order that was ordered prior as long as that same item is still produced, at which time the client will be made aware of alternatives if originals are no longer available anymore.

Lowcountry Creatives reflect a 3% cash discount paid by check or cash. We do accept payments through Pay-Pal, which you must add 3% to your total invoice for a convenience fee. It will show on your credit card statement as the parent company who owns Lowcountry Creatives “Island Life Business Group, INC.” Payments are due upon receipt unless prior written arrangements are made. Custom orders must be paid for 100% in advance. Invoicing is typically done around the 1st and 15th of the month.

Unless otherwise stated in your Agreement, when your quilt is done and has not been paid, we will put a stop hold to all work until the invoice is paid regardless of when deadlines are due if you have a written deadline since we rarely use hard dealines due to be booked out so far in advance.  We are easy to work with people, and we understand if you are having a lean month and will work with you on payment arrangements, but the burden is on the client to communicate with us.

Prices are based on the particular work detailed in your verbal and text agreement which once a Check/Cash/ credit card or  Pay Pal is paid. Additional materials or revisions, or changes to the scope of the assignment, will result in additional costs. We try to accommodate for special occasions such a birthdays etc... However we work on a first come first serve basis to keep it fair for everyone. When you pay your deposit, it usually doesn't even cover the entire material cost. What is does that is even more valuable, is that it holds your spot in the first come first served line.   

As the old adage goes "poor planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on mine." Sounds harsh but you would be surprised the number of people that hire me to build a quilt two weeks before my three busiest holidays, Christmas, Graduation, and Mothers day and expect it to be finished in time when I take orders for Christmas in July! Other quilting companies checking out my site reading this right now are laughing since you know exactly what I'm talking about and our silent joke is "the audacity right?"

When creating quilts I do them in sets of up to four at a time for maximum efficiency which the whole process takes approximately 2-4 weeks for basic quilts and much longer for complex quilts. Weighted blankets are a whole different animal since there is quite a bit that goes into it.

Any requests made for delivery of materials faster than the first come first served basis, or faster than an exact date promised in writing (which if you need a project done by a specific date we ALWAYS have it in writing and signed by both parties) you will be subject to a Project Rush Fees.

Rush Fees will be 250% of the total project cost or $225 per hour, whichever is greater on regular workdays and weekends or 350% increase on major holidays.

If you choose to do the project rush fee, I do not work on any other quilt but yours which means the other 2-3 quilts that should be happening at the same time must wait longer to receive their quilt, but I am able to build a quilt within a 1 week.

Thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate your business. (last updated feb.6 2016)

About Us

Each item tells a story. Where the creation has been and what it has become. Every piece has been brought to life and is handcrafted, so each piece is unique. No item is perfect, and we like it that way, it shows love and that it was made by hand and not a machine. Now its story continues on and the next chapter is now for you to decide.


My Services

I offer an array of services ranging from heirloom quilts, memory pillows and much more. I only use the highest quality materials meant to last the test of time. I will be also adding personal projects for sale on my store. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Address: PO BOX 2689 Bluffton, SC 29910

Phone: (843) 631-3702


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